Space Planning, Analysis, and Administration

SPAA Forms

SPAA has implemented three forms related to the use and allocation of space at the university.

Request for Space

The Request for Space form should be submitted to the SPAA office when there are planned additions to a unit’s programs or personnel. These requests for additional space should be submitted only after all other options have been exhausted within a unit’s dedicated space. All Request for Space forms will require approval from upper management (chair, unit head, dean or VP) prior to submitting.

This form is not intended for exploratory purposes, and all requests for additional space should be critical to the unit’s continued function.

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Change of Room Function

The Change of Room Function form is intended to track any planned modifications to a space that a unit occupies, where a Minor Project Request form was not submitted. For instance, if a conference was converted to an office or a larger office was converted to a break room. While many of these modifications have been discovered during building walk-throughs, we are attempting to reduce the amount of time that passes before these alterations are discovered and recorded.

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Transfer of Space

The Transfer of Space form should be submitted to the SPAA office when a unit no longer requires the use of a room that has been assigned to them. The transferring unit may have had changes in programming or personnel that have deemed a room obsolete. Or the room in question may require a level of renovation that deems the space inoperable for its unit. Whether or not the transferring unit has identified another group to transfer the space to, we need to be notified of this development. Once the transferred space has been assigned, the unit assuming ownership will be responsible for any modifications to the space that are required.

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